Becoming a Founder of GROW. Early is Best

We are giving you the chance of being part of a startup. Lots of choices. Simply invest or get rewarded for using your special skills in YOUR own way.

Q Can I remain as a founder of GROW with a one off payment?
A Yes
Q Can I sell my GrowCoins at any time
A Yes
Q Will I be paid regular dividends?
A Yes. Annually for the lower level. If you invest at the higher level you will be paid quarterly dividends.
A No. You can be paid for introducing people but you can also make money without having to do so. There is a simple affiliate plan for those who want to use it.
That is one of the things that makes this business different and special. There are multiple ways to participate.
Q What businesses will accept GrowCoins?
A The Useful School, Get Hemped, Life Trees, Community Gardens, the Vege Share food share app and many more
Q Is this a short term project?
A No it is for ever and you can pass on your position in our business to anybody you wish.
Q Is this for everyone?
A No. We are being selective with who we allowed to join. Especially for the first 1000 founders. We have already rejected several people. We do not want people spamming this opportunity or making misleading promises.
Q Why join early?
A The earlier you join the more GrowCoins you will get. You will get more dividends and ore benefit from the rise in price of the coins

We have studied all sorts of apps, business models, networks and communities. Our goal is to give you and as many people as possible a way to participate. Some of you will be paid to contribute with ideas, some with support work, some with content some with financial investment, some as teachers and mentors and some by being paid to find others who will love what we offer.

GROW is on a very exciting journey towards becoming a massive business benefitting hundreds of thousands of people. You can become a founding member right now. Initially you will get given become one of our 10,000 founders. The earlier you join the more benefit you will get. GROW is a business orientated response to a health and obesity crisis and an environmental crisis. As a huge worldwide group we can make a massive impact.

On this page you will not find any place to capture your email with any cheap gimmick. It is important that the earliest contributors to this project genuinely believe in it and have not been “tricked” into joining. 

You are here very early so will get the biggest benefits. If you wish you will also get the chance to shape how GROW develops.
Together we own several businesses. Mainly to do with health, food and education.

For example the Life Trees business grows hemp, moringa, neem and chia seeds in Africa then harvests these trees and plants regularly then make and sell products from their leaves and seeds. When you become a co-owner or co manager you automatically begin to share in the profits. You will also be able to get heavily discounted products.
The Useful School business has online courses. As a GROW founder you will get free access to these courses and be able to create and sell your own courses in the school.
GROW is creating community garden businesses, especially encouraging the passing of gardening knowledge of older generations on to younger. Excess fruit and vegetables from the gardens will be either sold or donated.

We are taking advantage of a number of trends and market opportunities in a responsible and sustainable way.

There is a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Micro Invest Now With A Secure Credit Card Payment via Stripe

When you pay we will contact you to send GROW Coins to your wallet and to give you other information. GROW Coins are traded daily on the exchange and the price is gradually rising.

One Time Co Founder Investment (USD$40) [simpay id=”100000708″]

(Will rise to over $100 by end of this year)

  1. – Get a free wallet and immediate transfer of $40 of GROW Coins saleable on the WAVES Exchange
  2. – Get Quarterly Dividend Payments on your investment
  3. – If you wish get an Affiliate Link and Earn Commissions
  4. – If you wish earn money by sharing social media posts of quotes and photos
  5. – Get discounts on Life Trees Products and discounted membership of the Useful School
  6. – Get membership of community gardens worldwide.


One Time Co Manager Investment (USD$300) [simpay id=”100000905″]

(Will rise this year depending on demand. Has already risen from $120)

  1. – Get a free wallet and immediate transfer of $400 of Life Trees Coins saleable anytime on WAVES Exchange
  2. – Get Quarterly Dividend Payments on your investment
  3. – Get the chance to Blog and advertise your business in our websites and or run courses in the Useful School
  4. – Run Community Gardens and a Food Sharing business in your town if you wish
  5. – All the benefits of being a Co Founder

When you complete your payment a receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.

GROW and Life Trees Road Map for 2020 :

The markets for Neem, Moringa, Chia Seeds and Hemp are growing quickly.



This is a one time payment or co founder or co manager.

Thank you for becoming part of this. 

Other Payment Options
Email us  at to make a bank transfer in your country.
Or you can e-mail us to have an invoice sent to you, which you can pay by credit card or debit card.

For Bitcoin please send the equivalent of $40 USD or $300 USD in Bitcoin to 17WNaqVL354hJKpRnftMntF6VsqMxxDxiX

One Time Co Owner Investment (USD$40) [simpay id=”100000708″]

One Time Co Manager Investment (USD$300) [simpay id=”100000905″]

Please ask any questions you wish at any time
Thank you!