What is this website about and how should you use it?

Hi this site is a gathering point for the Life Trees community.

We hope and expect that you will come here mainly to participate in courses. Either by making courses or by studying them. However you can also post photos and blogs and have your own shop to promote your products and services. As we grow there will be more and  more to do. We are for example developing a connection function where you can easily find meaningful business partners or collaborators.

The site is very much in testing mode right now so you will see quick changes and improvements. Please make suggestions and ask questions and we will make it better and better. Our goal in the next 9 months is to have at least 100,000 members making profits and to plant 3 million Moringa and Neem trees and hemp plants.

You know how you get asked to donate to help hungry people in Africa or plant trees that help the planet? What if you could make money for yourself at the same time? For a very low one time payment? Sound too good to be true?

These are miracle trees. In just six months the leaves produce health and clothing products making you money. The leaves will also feed hungry people and create jobs. So this is not just about trees this is also about lives.

We are now inviting people we know like and trust to please come and test out our brand new website.

The price of entry will rise soon. If you wish you can get paid to invite friends. No monthly payment you will only pay again if you choose to buy our products.

This something that you will be thrilled you got into early. The price is super low right now with a 14 day money back guarantee. We will plant your own 3 designated trees, you get access to courses and webinars and promote whatever you do or love to our community. Thank you. It’s a win win win.

Please come and be one of the first to join.

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