How Profits will be Shared Around the Life Trees Community

Life Trees is a community and a team effort.
Our goals are to plant a lot of trees and plants, produce healthy products, educate and to make good money for everyone involved. Hemp, moringa and neem.
We aim to distribute profits evenly between community members who contribute.
Profits will be shared in 3 main ways.
1. Firstly you can buy our community coin Life Trees Coin which can of course be used like real money. Holding on to it will be like holding shares in the Life Trees business. The price of the coin will rise. Supply of the coin will be limited and will be slowly released over a 20 year period according to the white paper.

There is a step by step slideshare on how to make a Life Trees Coin wallet here

Read more about how to buy our coin here

2. The second and most important way will be by simply doing what you are doing already.

We have seen that many people share positive and inspirational posts and some posts about health and nature on social media. They share from pages they have no attachment too and in that way promote those businesses.
We will regularly supply high quality posts for people to choose to share or not. If they choose to do that we can easily see this and we will add new people who join under them. We can also send them money. This is the main way people will be paid.

3. The third possible way to profit is by commissions from introducing people if you wish to. We recommend that rather than approaching people directly you wait until they come to you. They will see you discussing Life trees and ask what it is all about. We do not wish to become an MLM – like business where money becomes the goal and people begin pestering or spamming people that they barely know.

Once you join yourself you will be given an introduction link. Once people you introduce upgrade to paid membership or sell courses, photos or goods or services in their personal shop you will get commissions. Forever. In the near future we will add more ways to make money. This will include a customer loyalty app which our members who have businesses can use.
Here is how the compensation system will work.

Again Life Trees is not an MLM and there are no monthly requirements to purchase anything or to introduce a certain number of people. We simply want to reward you for recommending people and for teaching them the many benefits of membership.


You will be paid somewhere between 10% and 20% on all money spent and earned by people you introduce. There will be 3 incentive levels so once you reach a new level your commission rate will rise.
You will also be paid when those people introduce people themselves. On 6 different levels. You will get a chance to earn between 1-10% of all the volume of transactions that occur as a result of the person you introduce.
The basic system is that people will pay $30 now and up to $90 by the end of 2019 to join. There are various benefits for joining. 4 months after joining members will get the chance to purchase products from our trees and plants. There will be various prices for this.
Some courses will be free to paying members and some will require extra payment.
Some members who have goods and services to sell will be approved to run a shop within Members and the general public will be able to purchase using either LifeTreesCoin or a credit card or possibly other crypto currencies. Using for example BitPay. If they use LifeTreesCoin they will get special discounts.This will be one way of creating an economy around LifeTreesCoin.
So in very general terms if you find 20 people who become paying members and say half of them are quite active in our community in various ways you could expect to earn say $1000 a year initially and more over time.
Activity bonuses will be paid regularly for people who have been contributing to the community both inside and outside the website.
There is a 14 day money back guarantee policy for all monetary transactions associated with Life Trees so commissions will be paid out on the 20th of the month following the transaction.

This is just a general overview and more detailed rules will be published elsewhere. There will also be a developing FAQ so we encourage any questions about the money side of things that you may have.

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