Co Ownership With Micro Investment

Together Many Things Become Possible

Thank you for visiting here. Life Trees is on a very exciting journey towards becoming a massive business benefitting hundreds of thousands of people just like you.
We are a world-wide community of co-owners. You are here very early and will get the biggest benefits because of this.

Together we own a health products and clothing business. 

We grow hemp, moringa and neem in Africa then harvest these trees and plants regularly then make and sell products from them. When you become a co-owner or co manager you automatically begin to share in the profits.


There is a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Micro Invest With Credit Card Payment via Stripe


One Time Co Owner Investment (USD$40)

– Get immediate transfer of $40 of Life Trees Coins saleable on WAVES Exchange

– Get Quarterly Dividend Payments

– Get an Affiliate Link and earn commissions

– Get discounts on Products


One Time Co Manager Investment (USD$300)

– Get immediate transfer of $300 of Life Trees Coins saleable on WAVES Exchange

– Get Monthly Dividend Payments    

– Get the chance to Blog and or Run Courses on our website

-Run Community Gardens in your town if you wish 

– All the benefits of being a Co Owner                                                                                    

When you complete your payment a receipt will be sent to your e-mail address.
This is a one time payment to gain co ownership privileges. Thank you for becoming part of this.
Please make a support request if you have any questions. Email us at

Other Payment Options

 Email us to make a bank transfer in your country.
 Or you can e-mail us to have an invoice sent to you, which you can pay by credit card or debit card.

Bitcoin Please send the equivalent of $40 USD or $300 USD in Bitcoin to17WNaqVL354hJKpRnftMntF6VsqMxxDxiX

Please ask any questions you wish 

Thank you!

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Written by Michael Q Todd
Tree lover. I also like the possibilities of collaboration with social media and water fasting and yoga