The 9 Main Benefits Of Becoming A GROW Co-Owner

What is in this for you?

When we plant hemp, moringa and neem on your behalf in Africa it can be harvested within a few months and then grows again and again. Not much water nor maintenance is required. The leaves and seeds we harvest are highly sought after all over the world and we will be able to create great products for a very low price.

This will enable us to pay you and to give you various benefits.

The 9 main benefits of becoming a GROW co-owner are, in no particular order;

  1. Make money. The earlier you that you join the more you can make. You will be sent our community coin GROW Coin. This is rising gradually in value on a public exchange. You can sell your coins any time you like on that exchange but if you hold them you can get
  2. Get discounts on health, household and clothing products that we produce from hemp, neem and moringa.
  3. Get access to and save money by eating from our community gardens all around the world. This initiative will include the ability to exchange fruit from your own garden and food waste for compost.
  4. Benefit from our global house sitting and gardening community. We connect house owners with house sitters who like gardening all around the world. A trusted community creating a huge win win.
  5. Enjoy our promotion of your business or cause from our social media accounts, on our websites and in emails. Support us and we will support you. As a like minded community we can achieve massive social media exposure for both Life Trees and your cause and business by collaboration. This is our special advantage.
  6. Learn from experts in regular webinars and from courses hosted on our website.
  7. Be paid for helping to market the business and for helping to explain it to people
  8. Connect with like minded people all over the world in our groups and forums and also in real life meetups. You can make an interactive profile on our website.
  9. Educate and gain recognition as an expert by blogging and hosting courses on our website, posting in our Facebook and Linked In groups

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Written by Michael Q Todd
Tree lover. I also like the possibilities of collaboration with social media and water fasting and yoga