Buy Sprint At 105 The Japanese Way

This is one of my temporary sales pages while I wait to have the Sprint At 105 book published on Amazon. 

By paying early like this you will get the package of the book and over 3 months access to my mentoring and learning program for half price. 

The book will be emailed to you in PDF form by the end of January. In the meantime you will get imediate access to a private group where I am answering questions about the tips in the book and giving weekly seminars. For early purchasers I will also be able to answer some questions one to one if you wish. 

If you want to purchase the book by any other way than credit card I can accept bank transfers in most countries please message me at  or on Facebook. 



The book has around 60 tips like this about lifestyle habits and foods. Together with explanations of each tip and additional chapters with menus and calendars. The deeper learning will come in the group. I hope that this sparks a life time of learning for you about the Japanese way to living better and longer. 

The price for the book and membership until the end of April is $24.95 USD which is Australian $36.30

You will get a receipt by email then a welcoming email once you make the payment

Thank you so much




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Written by Michael Q Todd
Tree lover. I also like the possibilities of collaboration with social media and water fasting and yoga