Stay in beautiful Nagano, Japan and get cheap fruit and vegetables. No need to work.

Hi we are an international business and grow food in several countries. We also offer accommodation in beautiful rural places close to large cities.
An increasing trend is that vegetables in Tokyo supermarkets are getting more and more expensive without necessarily improving in quality.
One of our directors Yoriko Todd is a PHD Botanist and Biologist. Her passions include educating about living a long and healthy life the Japanese way and gardener. Another director Michael Todd is a New Zealand lawyer and has 3 years experience of living in Nagano. Michael was brought up on a farm and is an experienced property developer and landscaper.
We are buying about 10 different properties in northern Nagano. All well within 2 hours travel from Tokyo. The properties will be a mix of farming and lodge or pension accommodation. We will operate around 50 rooms and grow food in several places.
We aim to begin operations by 1 February 2021 at the very latest but hopefully well before then.



Our offer to you is this
Co ownership in our cooperative. This ownership is sellable at any time. There is also a full money back guarantee during the first year. If for some reason you cannot use your night you can either transfer to another available night or we will rent it out for you on Air BNB.
When you join you get a room in Nagano for one night every year. For 10 years.
Our first 300 co owners also get high quality food. Twice a week we will take trucks to Tokyo full of organically grown fruit, vegetables and herbs.
This produce will be available to co owners at cost price. This will be at between 1/3 to 1/2 of supermarket prices.
We will take sufficient truckloads to meet demand.
To cover the spring and winter months we will operate a farm in a more southern part of Japan as well. We will bring food weekly from there to Tokyo.
If we have extra food, for example in peak harvesting times, we will make it available to other co owners at cost price as well.

  • We will do everything we can to give you a very special experience. We will also offer shuttle vans and buses and tour guides in Nagano if you need them.
    Rooms will be located just north Nagano City and super close to great skiing, hiking, lakes and much more.
    All of our rooms will be very comfortable. There will be cooking and other facilities.
    There will be a chance to use bicycles and other sporting equipment owned by the cooperative.
    We will operate a cafe and bar in the middle of our circle of lodges and co owners will get a healthy discount on food and drinks.
    This will also become a co working space or meeting space for some parts of the day/
    Depending on demand at least 2 of our lodges will be “family friendly” with playgrounds and child care facilities if you want to have your small children looked after while you ski, windsurf or go out at night.

As we improve our operations the price of a night will rise quite quickly. We are offering a very unique experience and opportunity only possible by having such a large operation.
Right now we are offering a weekend for 10 years at 130,000 yen (around $1300 USD). A weekend is Friday and Saturday night.
Further nights once you own a weekend are 40,000 yen each.
So say you wanted to have a ski week of 6 nights and another 3 day stay in the summer that would be 410,000 yen for the 10 years
Except for the night before public holidays. The night before a public holiday will cost 30% extra.
Outside of these prices we are happy to negotiate different packages and deals.
Prices are based per room. There will also be summer camping options available in the future

Please pay the deposit here

Payment can be made in 2 stages.
Once you pay $300 you will be given an owner registration number. This will give you priority and lock you in at the contracted price.
Once you pay the remaining amount you will get the chance to choose your weekends or nights. You will also get priority to change the place you stay as we add new places.

All liability for the operation of the business will be the responsibility of the directors and the cooperative will be fully insured.
We will be employing around 20 people to manage and service the accommodation, cafe and farming operations. There is no obligation for any co owners to work. If however you do help out in any stage you will get paid.
After 10 years the cooperative will be resold and a share of the profits will be returned to co owners.

This opportunity would never be possible without the cooperation and co ownership of a large number of people.

This is the first stage of establishing a unique “eco village” in Nagano. In the next few years we aim to purchase a large piece of land and build 40-80 homes. We are studying similar developments around the world such as the ReGen Development near Amsterdam and the Currumbin Village on the Gold Coast of Australia. Our hope is that some of the co owners of this cooperative will take an interest in being part of this ambitious development.

Once you make the initial payment we will contact you and give further information. This will include available places on calendars for bookings. Thank you!

Please pay the deposit here

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Written by Michael Q Todd
Tree lover. I also like the possibilities of collaboration with social media and water fasting and yoga