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Recent Courses

  • by admin 0 Lessons

    Guide to learn WordPress and make a web page

    A complete WordPress manual to make a web page or blog in ten steps. Content managers like allow something wonderful. That you can make a free and absolutely professional website. This was unthinkable a few years ago and now it is possible. Your website is your main tool to sell your brand and products online. It is a basic pillar of any online strategy. What can make you gain presence and what is very important, make money.

    by admin 0 Lessons

  • by admin 0 Lessons in

    Learn Spanish

    In this course we will progressively learn the Spanish language. We will start from the most basic, until we reach more advanced learning. Thank you for the interest shown in this beautiful language.

    by admin 0 Lessons in

  • by Yoriko Todd 2 Lessons

  • by admin 0 Lessons

    How to Play the Piano

    This introductory course will teach you the basics of playing the piano, starting with chords and rhythm, before moving on to playing full songs.

    by admin 0 Lessons

  • by admin 7 Lessons

    How to play the guitar

    A collection of introductory videos for learning how to play the guitar and become a rockstar.

    by admin 7 Lessons

  • by admin 1 Lessons

    WooThemes 101

    This Course will help you learn some interesting information about the demo and the WooThemes ecosystem.

    by admin 1 Lessons

  • by admin 1 Lessons

    Sensei Theming 101

    An introduction to theming with Sensei. Learn how to integrate your themes with Sensei and extend the templating system.

    by admin 1 Lessons

  • by admin 2 Lessons

    Sell your Course

    Learn how to integrate Sensei with WooCommerce in order to sell your Courses.

    by admin 2 Lessons